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    Supposedly Dime bought a Les Paul for Zakk from a guy who’s band opened for Damageplan.

    Here is a link to the whole story….. http://www.deanguitars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=76801 

    This guy has been trying to find out if Zakk ever got the guitar in question?



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    This is a bit of a long story, so bear with me…

    In 2004, my band Sittin’ Idol had the opportunity to open for Damageplan and Drowning Pool in Calgary, which was an awesome gig for us being huge Dime and Vinnie fans. The show itself was great, and afterwards we were able to meet and party some with Dime, Vinnie, Bobzilla and Pat Lachman. They were all great guys and treated us awesome.

    Anyways, I had a 71 Les Paul Recording guitar, a bit of a rare model. After our gig, Damageplan’s sound guy Wirez came up to us and said Dime wanted to buy my guitar off me. Well I didn’t want to sell it, I loved that thing. Dime was feeding me shots and Black Tooth Grins and trying to convince me to sell the guitar.

    Finally I said that if they took us on tour, he could have the guitar. Dime said that he wanted to give the guitar to Zakk Wylde for Christmas that year, since Zakk collected rare Gibsons. After a bit of wrangling with the tour manager and venues, we worked out the deal: We would go on the tour, and at the last show Dime would get the guitar.

    Well we had to lie our way across the border to get into the states, (bands need special permits to cross the border) and the tour was awesome, great crowds and the band and crew were cool to us at every turn. It was like a family in that camp, really an awesome atmosphere.

    After the last show in Texas (Lubbock) I gave Dime my guitar in Damageplan’s trailer. Afterwards, we hung out and partied with the band and Dime and Bobzilla spraypainted our band van with hotrod flames and all signed it.

    Here’s the video of me giving Dime the guitar:

    Anyways, Dime said he felt bad about taking the guitar but said that he was gonna hook me up with a Dimebag guitar. Vinnie also helped our drummer out with a bunch of new cymbals. So needless to say we were pumped and drove home to Calgary, 28 hours straight taking shifts.

    Well we all know what happened in December of that year, it was a brutal tragedy and the music world will miss Dime forever.

    I never wound up getting the Dime guitar, in light of what happened I never tried to get a hold of Vinnie and the guys to pursue it; it would have been awesome don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t really matter. Eventually I quit waiting and went out and bought another guitar.

    But I have always wondered if Zakk ever wound up getting that guitar. I thought he might like to know this story anyhow. It’s amazing what a warm heart Dime had, that he’d see something and just think, I’m gonna get that for my friend Zakk.

    Anyways, just hoping somebody can get this through to Zakk and maybe let me know if he got the Les Paul Recording from Dime…my name is Rick Hatch and I can be reached at info@sittinidol.com

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