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    OK, What is your all time favorite show that you have attended w/ BLS.?

    I’ll start w/ mine.   After seeing the guys from coast to coast and all in between a few times, I would have to say that probably the best times I had were in Vegas  in 09.  I met up w/ a friend at the airport when we landed and headed  to the Hotel  to unload and rest a bit since this was the day before the show.  After getting settled in, I said bump this, We need to hit some cocktails up since it’s Vegas and all. Me and  my bro were both running on empty from working all night and then traveling, but chose to head to Mandaley Bay to have some drinks. About the 2nd beer, Zakk and Crew rolls in, It’s game on then.  Zakk bought the first round for us and thanked us for coming out.  by the time we left that night we had about 4 hours to sleep and get ready to hit the MnG on Show day.  We had a blast at the MnG and the show totally rocked as usual.  That was the very first time I had been to Vegas and saw BLS there, Since then, It’s been great every time I have been there for the show. Can’t wait to hit the next one. Bleed Black and White.



    Seen em 4x, but I gotta say HOB Chicago was the fucking best! Meeting you, Brandon, Goat, and many others before, during, and after our M&G!
    Met up with Josh Cummins and his best bud Malikai and had drinks at Kumas. Then on to eat and drink at the venue before the show. Saw Ang for the 3rd time. Can’t forget meeting Father Froedge and Father Fergie! Truely a once in a life time experience! We must do it again!



    Favorite moment pre BLS with Zakk was his Book Of Shadows Tour at the Pontiac Grille in Philly.

    Had the pleasure of being up front with Zakk’s  Dad Jerome and Wife Barb. It was real intimate

    and with it  just being Zakk and a young  Evil Twin it was real down to earth and chill. Zakk’s Dad

    was so awesome and proud of his boy. Really cool moment I’ll never forget.



    Thank you all for sharing!



    Im Gonna have to say the Shot to Hell Tour……..Two Shows around Halloween and I went as a Nun  to both……Some Awesome Awesome times right there!!!

    Although EVERY time is a GREAT Time  =)



    i have seen the guys 8 times now which is far from being enough,  i have had many great shows with the guys 3/4 of them have been front center rght in front of the boss but the show that sticks out for me would be the pedal to the metal tour thats when i decided to make the drive to reading pa for this show and i had a hell of a time getting a meet and greet bc that was during the infamous artist arena days…ang ended up getting that straight for me (thank you!) well when i got there for the meet and greet i was the only one there i thought to my self this is odd..only one in line only one around am i in the wrong place? am i lost? well a dci member shows up and says meet and greet are you ready? and i was like…uhhh? yeah! but where is everyone and he says well we are only waiting on one other person and since its only two of you Zakk wants you all to come hang out on the bus with him and the guys and we are gonna give you a back stage tour and i was like WWWWTTTTTFFFFFFF we got the tour on a roll checked up the stage zakks gutiars the transfer trucks with all the gear then headed to the tour bus and it wwas the COOLEST thing  to chill with JD Craig Nick and Zakk on the bus, drank a beer with zakk (back when he still could) played xbox with nick Zakk told some crazy stories  phil manned the camera and it was just one of the coolest things ever then i got a backstage pass and just hung back there during the show and helped phil throw out the beach balls during fire it up.  it was jus the coolest thing ever really  i just wish now they would come closer again i miss the guys



    beyond forever



    awesome story bro!

    Live only seen the guys live once. I’ve been a fan of zakk since seeing the Ozzy live at the budokan DVD. I was only 14 when it was released and it made me pick up the guitar. Every chance I got to see the boss play with Oz it was thrown back (Oz had several injuries like the quad bike incident and his broken foot which mean he had to cancel) and then when I finally got a chance to see BLS in Manchester it was cancelled because of local bikers allegedly beating up fans for wearing colours etc.  I finally caught a break last Feb when the guys were touring for the Order of the Black album and I caught them in Manchester. Still one of my favourite gigs I’ve been too. Next time I’m gonna get a m&g with them too. I can’t wait for the next tour!!



    Manchester? As in NH? Are you going to Gigantour Tomorrow?




    Ha no mate should’ve explained. I’m UK chapter brother.



    Zakktooth grins

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