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    I stood by the back of your bus for hours waiting for you to come out just so I could get a picture with you. I missed the opening bands because meeting you meant that much. Once you finally came out at around 10:50pm I said “Zakk!” I was the only person dumb enough to stand outside the whole time I guess. Zakk glanced at me and gave me a “I’ll see ya inside man.”

    Seriously? I wasted my time, missed Kyng and Wovenwar, ditched my friends, all for nothing! Ive been a member of the Fargo Chapter since 2004. I fucking bled black!

    After the show went back to the bus, there was like 20-25 people there, John and Jeff came out, signed everyone’s items, took pictures with us, they were all about the BLS FAMILY that Zakk has obviously forgotten about. Even the promoter said “Zakk wont come out because people bought meet and greets and it wouldn’t be fair.” I never thought Zakk would abandon his “BLS Family” because of the almighty dollar. I am just shocked and feel like such a fucking idiot.

    And I don’t wanna hear this “he was busy” bullshit, I was the only guy stupid enough to miss half the show because I thought that would mean something to Zakk. I guess its like they say, don’t meet your hero’s.

    Much respect to John and Jeff, that was very awesome of them to give attention to everyone who went to the bus afterwards. They made sure everyone felt appreciated, and you cant put a price on that.

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