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    In primary care the practice nurse asked if she could discuss my experience at a practice meeting where they considered how they could do things better and differently. Since no one can be expected to get it right all of the time, I guess that’s about as good as it gets, and I appreciated their humility. I also hope that my experience, and theirs, will make it less likely that quite so many other cases of whooping cough in adults will be missed.Learning only half the lesson: a doctor’s perspectiveTaken at face value, this patient’s account invites clinicians to consider two main possible learning points.

    WASHINGTON The United States on Thursday singled out Syria, Russia, China and Egypt for using restrictive laws to suppress political opposition, minorities and journalists seeking to expose abuses, according to the State Department’s 2014 Human Rights Report. Secretary of State John Kerry said comprised people “calling for government accountability” and that illustrated the “power of people to determine how they are governed.”

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