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    As  the  Pittsburgh Chapter began to fill the Hard Rock Cafe, the  anticipation began! We were there to support the Wounded Warrior benefit being hosted by The Evil Twin and The Cobra of Chaos! Hugs were being given all around as we gathered and began the  show! We were treated to several songs by Chaotic Playground, a local kick ass metal band! the boys were soon joined by Nick and Chad playing several kick ass covers: Alice in Chains,Zeppelin,ZZ Top and some Sweaty Ted Nugent to just name a few!  The guys were having a blast just jamming away for all of us! After the music ended it was time for some great Chinese auction items and a guitar to be given away! Congrats to all the winners! Soon after it was time to start saying our goodnights! A wonderful evening was had by all and want to say thanks to our gracious hosts Mike,Nick and Chad for supporting the wounded warriors of Pittsburgh! So glad the Garcias made it out from the LA Chapter to enjoy our fine city and the hospitalty of the Pittsburgh Chapter(Sorry Robinson Twps finest were so nice!!!!!!LOL) inside joke!!!



    Hate I missed it, I was there in pure Black Label form and fashion.  I did get some tix for the raffle though! God Bless our Troops!

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