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    NC CHAPTER On board.





    So when will we find out who will open on the tour? Any hints?


    Jonnu SDMF

    DOWN is playing on some dates in May. Have not heard on some of the other dates.



    It’s good to see and be back on the forum again, been a long damn time.



    Please get this to Zakk.

    I was showing my nine-year-old son some stuff about music history tonight (mainly using You Tube for examples). I retired from the Marine Corps 4 1/2 years ago and am in the midst of a very successful second career with Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth. I educated him on some pretty cool artists starting with Bob Marley, The Beatles, Ozzy, and then of course I pointed out you and explained that we went to High School together at Jackson Memorial. You were a year or two ahead of me (I’m class of 1988 but graduated in Toms River), but I did participate in some Ozzy between period joint breaks behind the school. To my amazement, as I was showing my son some BLS videos, he told me he had the “fire and skulls” video on his IPad and you are his “favorite singer”. I was very good friends with Lori Destephano throughout High School, and I met her through Jon (remember Red Wings battle of the bands keyboard?). I saw Lori and her parents once after I left Jersey, and unfortunately we lost touch after that.

    I have two questions. Is it appropriate to take a 9YO to a BLS concert, and is there any way my son can meet you and get your autograph when you’re in Grapevine,TX?


    Brian De Bree


    Jonnu SDMF

    I would think it would be great if you took you kid to a show. I took my daughter to her first BLS concert and M&G when she was 9 at the SODO in Seattle. She had a great time. M&Gs are the only way to go and in fact we have M&Gs for the concert on the 16th of April right at the same venue when she first met Zakk. Bleed Black



    I’m watching BLS on axstv and absolutely falling asleep. So instead of watching what I feel was a once fire filled group, I’m just posting my disappointment. Don’t get me wrong I love this band! but this show?? Is it an unplugged version or what!! The whole band sits down. New songs seen to have gone balladish.
    This band is capable of ripping my soul out kicking it around and throwing it back in when the shows over and I couldn’t be happier. I originally came to BLS just for that reason. What happened ?

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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